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PlexiNLP is an industry leading provider focused of API's for language processing. PlexiNLP is focused on building tools which enable smarter consumption of data and richer interactions with technology via intuitive voice interfaces. PlexiNLP enables software to interact with text, unstructured data, and voice input in ways never before possible.

executive team

Bill Irvine, CEO, is a successful entrepreneur in the fields of digital marketing, emerging media, and online community.
Stephen Melzer, CFO, is a finance professional with deep startup and fundraising experience.
Brandon Wirtz, CTO, is a pioneer in video analysis, search engine exploitation, and content development.
Sarah Austin, CPO, is a Silicon Valley veteran, technology writer, and user experience champion.

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Development Team

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Press Releases

PlexiNLP/Stremor press releases offer insights into products and milestones from the company. Additional information is available by contacting press@stremor.com.

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