Plexi NLP api's and applications
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Plexi Abstract API

Accurate content summarization requires the ability to extract the important elements of a document. Stremor's Plexi Abstract API applies language indicators about cause, conclusion, relevance, and emotion, to apply accurate decisions about importance when reducing content length. This approach enables topic-focused summaries based on the subject matter and keywords.

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Plexi Search

When the Internet had only a few million domains, it made sense to consider which web pages were important based on how many others linked to the web page. As the Internet approaches one billion active websites, domain popularity is no longer an indication of content authority. Plexi Search does not have dependence on linking to determine rankings in search results.

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TLDR plugins and apps

The rise of mobile devices presents an obstacle for users and publishers attempting to deliver long-form content to small screens. Stremor's TLDR (too long; didn't read) applications for mobile and desktop showcase the speed and power of Plexi NLP's summarization framework.