the PlexiNLP development team

aaron - senior application developer

Our resident Python guru, Aaron, graduated from ASU with a major in Japanese, was an exchange student in Hiroshima, and drove a help desk at Direct Alliance for their Japanese clients. Not seeing much chance for a bright future at the help desk, Aaron started a small web development firm, he had plenty of fun sneaking Python into the marketing sides of web applications with a Java back-end... naughty naughty.

anghel - application developer

Anghel loves programming in Python because of its clean syntax and expressiveness. He speaks several languages and enjoys cooking delicious Mediterranean meals. He loves clean usable designs, documented code, and exotic programming languages such as Erlang. Basic personal core values are simplicity and minimalism. He enjoys nature and rides a sport motorcycle. 

jon - application developer

Jon’s early claim to fame was an inspired Twitter plug-in for Fire Fox at the tender age of 13. Having had to turn down a job offer from Google because he had too much homework, Jon continued with several personal projects including something that made his bedroom disappear for 17.48 seconds. As he became an expert in just about every programming language known to man, Jon realized machine learning and real natural language processing is the future.

jeff - front end engineer

With an eclectic education in web design and development, as well as the recording arts, Jeff suffered for years under the weight of the Zend Framework, but still managed to turn out a lot of interesting projects. Despite tasting the full experience of the Silicon Valley culture in his alter ego as a master of the recording arts, Jeff came back to the more tranquil and searing hot desert here in Scottsdale. Having pushed the limits of CSS3 and HTML5 for his thankless prior employers, Jeff took the job here at PlexiNLP in a heartbeat. 

joe - video production & evangelism

Our all around product enthusiast has a varied background that spans the continent. Having catered to the rich and famous as a doorman at an exclusive boutique hotel in New York City, as well as elbowing away competition as a commodities trader on the floor of the NY Mercantile Exchange, Joe has a way of getting things done. Today Joe fills many roles as our Product Evangelist, from producing videos to managing social communications to hobnobbing with industry luminaries at events. 

stephen - finance

Stephen has a long history in fund raising for a broad range of projects, mostly in the North East. He also happens to be rather good at watching how the money is spent once it's in the bank, which is why we're happy he's along for the ride.