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Stremor Releases PlexiNLP APIs Allowing Advanced Language Heuristics Technology to be Integrated with Third-Party Apps

Programmable Web: May 20, 2013
Stremor, a language heuristics technology startup, has announced the availability of Plexi NLP APIs to third-party developers. According to the press release, the 4 APIs just released are “the first of many” Plexi NLP APIs that Stremor will be releasing. Developers interested in using the Stremor Plexi NLP APIs can find documentation and apply for API keys at Mashape. (summary by Stremor summaryAPI)

Big Data Search Engines are Big Right Now – Stremor Announces Heuristic Engine

SiliconANGLE: Janurary 31, 2013
Big Data Search Engines are Big Right Now Stremor Announces Heuristic Engine Big Data is all the rage right now. Graph search is hot and Big Data is smoking hot. Stremor is announcing a new kind of search engine. In talking to Brandon Wirtz, Stremor’s search engine Plexi Search goes beyond just searching the web. (summary by Stremor summaryAPI)

CES 2013: Sorting the Nuggets From the Dross

Ecommerce Times: January 18, 2013
CES 2013 featured an imperial ton of Big Data-related solutions, but two that stood out were HP's Aurasma service and Stremor's Plexi NLP language heuristics engine. The former allows businesses to utilize image and pattern recognition technologies acquired by HP in the Autonomy deal to digitally enrich advertising, signage, publishing and packaging. The latter leverages language analysis to enhance online content discovery, creation and consumption; think of it as CliffsNotes for the Internet.

TLDR is for when you don't have time to read the whole article

CNET: January 8, 2013
Once you download the free plug-in for your Web browser, you simply restart and you're ready to go. The software also has a button to search related stories if you want to get another angle on the article you're reading. Though I've not yet seen the software on iOS or Android, I was immediately interested for when I'm reading the news during my daily commute. (summary by Stremor summaryAPI)

Don't Have Time To Read This Article? There's An App For That

Forbes: November 16,2012
The term “Too Long; Didn’t Read” or TL;DR is often a response in forums like Reddit, YCombinator’s Hacker News, and SlashDot when users share an article that takes too much time to digest or when it takes too long to find the point the author is trying to make. To solve this problem, a new plugin created by PlexiNLP. is available for Chrome users, called TLDR. Stremor’s TLDR Plugin addresses the increasing demand for content summarization. (summary by Stremor summaryAPI)

Is This The Future of Search?

Forbes: August 31, 2012
Currently, Stremor has focused Plexi NLP on helping users find relevant political content but this Engine could eventually change the way we approach search entirely, providing relevant results for any and all topics. Though Stremor’s Unpartial is just about politics, its revolutionary approach to content analysis with Plexi NLP may soon just be the future of search. (summary by Stremor summaryAPI)

Is Phoenix The Next Silicon Valley?

Forbes: July 30, 2012
It’s no secret that some of the most successful startups spring up outside Silicon Valley and internationally. A few up and coming startups are calling home in another valley, as companies like Stremor call the area near Phoenix, AZ its home. For Stremor, finding the right talent meant looking beyond the Phoenix area Brandon Wirtz, CTO and Silicon Valley veteran said, “Stremor’s approach worked for attracting me to Phoenix. (Summary by Stremor summaryAPI)