PlexiNLP press releases

PlexiNLP’s Search and Summarization APIs Automatically Create Short Versions of Long Content

PR Web: May 16, 2013
Plexi announced that they have opened access to their language heuristics engine, PlexiNLP, to third party developers through the first of their APIs for content summarization and search. Similar to the news summaries of Yahoo’s Summly, Stremor’s summary API functions on any content including emails, documents, knowledge management archives, and any web page.

Plexi Abstract API

Stremor Launches Google Search Competitor, Plexi

PR Web: January 31, 2013
PlexiNLP’s Search search engine poised to change Internet search through greater contextual relevance. Leveraging language heuristics, Stremor’s Plexi NLP technology, brings transformative new features to search results. 

Plexi search

Stremor’s TLDR Reader App, Summarizes Breaking News and Any Web Page, Now Available in the iTunes App Store

PR Web: January 29, 2013
PlexiNLP’s TLDR Reader, the first mobile app to deliver on-demand summarization of news articles, blog posts, and online journals, is now available for iPhone. Pulling from more than a hundred sources in 14 news categories, TLDR Reader provides computer generated summaries, giving users quick access to important news. 

TLDR Reader for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8

Stremor’s TLDR Reader App Delivers Instant Summaries of Any Online News Article to Mobile Users

PR Web: January 15, 2013
At this year’s ShowStoppers CES event, PlexiNLP announced its TLDR Reader for mobile that delivers on-demand summarization of news articles, blog posts, and online journals to smartphone users. Using Stremor’s Plexi NLP technology, it instantly creates short summaries of any article on the web. 

TLDR Reader for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8

PlexiNLP Announces BETA of TLDR Plugin That Summarizes Any Web Page: Sometimes Less is More

PR Web: November 15, 2012
Stremor Corp announced an open beta of their “TLDR Plugin” today that uses Plexi NLP, their proprietary language heuristics engine, to process content online. The software creates summaries of content on any web page, this includes Google’s Gmail, ZenDesk support histories, or SalesForce WebView. The download is available as an extension for Chrome; other browsers will be supported by the end of the year. 

TLDR Plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Responsive Web Design and Politics Collide with, a Political Spin Analysis Website Launched by Stremor

PR Web: September 5, 2012
Responsive design is an increasingly important methodology for creating “mobile-first” websites that dynamically modifies the layout based on the screen size of the user. features a sophisticated language heuristics engine that analyzes the bias and spin in political news. With a responsive front-end, the results of the analysis are available to all users from desktop browsers to tablets and smartphones. 

Political News Analysis Website,, Launched by Stremor Before the Opening the Republican National Convention.

PR Web: August 28, 2012
Stremor Corp, a Scottsdale, Arizona technology startup, launched, a news aggregator website that takes advantage of Plexi NLP, their language heuristics engine that analyzes political news content to help users understand the bias and spin inherent in contemporary coverage of politics. Launched on the official start of the Republican National Convention, the website is an extraordinary tool for understanding the evolution of political rhetoric in the news. 

Stremor Corp Announces It's Fully Funded, Fully Staffed, and Ready To "Change Everything"

PR Web: July 30, 2012
Stremor Corp, a Scottsdale, Arizona technology startup, is excited to announce the successful funding and staffing of their new enterprise so they may now deliver on the early promise stated on their website, that they're going to "change everything." 

Stremor Corp